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If you have an issue with a purchase please contact Namrise in our Discord Server
Also please consider reading the following information
Welcome to MineWorld's Official Web Store!
General Information
On this site we offer a variety of packages with the intention of improving your gaming experience on MineWorlds's servers.
We will try to offer as many packages as we can to best suit your needs and if you do not find the package you are looking
for feel free to contact Namrise on our Discord Server for any suggestions you may have!

Refund Policy
MineWorld will not provide refunds, unless otherwise stated, as every purchase made goes towards improving the server and
covering server costs. Attempting to go around this policy by reversing the payment with your bank or opening a dispute with
PayPal will result in termination of your services and a ban on Crafting Store/MineWorld which will prevent you from ever purchasing or playing on our servers from there on out.

Privacy Policy
All information that is required on this webstore is not shared with any other third parties and is stored securely. All payments
are processed via SSL enabled gateways and ensure that your payment details are secure. Personal information is collected so
that we can fulfill your order and is never shared with any other third parties.

Additional Information
If you have made a purchase but haven't received your items then please contact us on our Discord Server for assistance.

All payments made by echeck have longer processing times compared to normal payments. This is because PayPal has to do a
formal bank withdrawal and is completely out of our control. So expect up to a 7 day waiting period for echecks to process.
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  • KANAME_Senpaiii
    1x Battle Pass Premium,1x Tag pack - Fantasy Theme #1
  • Agent2YearOld
    1x Mystery Box 5 Star (10)
  • Agent2YearOld
    1x Tag pack - Fantasy Theme #1
  • KANAME_Senpaiii
    1x Battle Pass Premium
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